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Integration platform

Brillix’s professionals assist organizations in their digital transformation using best-of-breed integration platforms.

Integration platform

We specialized in

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Migrating to the cloud requires an efficient, agile, scalable and fast integration tool. Brillix helps customers deploy integration services using best-of-breed platforms.

Brillix’s professional team has years of experience in integration solutions and is focused on designing and implementing required major components.


  • Multi-tenant architecture

  • Scalability

  • Code reduction

  • ETI and EDI

  • Intelligent and monitoring 

  • Hybrid solutions


  • Business logics

  • Business workflows

  • Black box services tools

API management

  • Security and monitoring controls

  • Web services transformation

  • Code reduction

  • Fast ease integration

  • Digitize your business


  • Simplification of client code

  • Security and access control

  • Rate control and limitation

  • Analytics and business insights

  • Service discovery


  • Messaging services

  • Monitoring and control services

  • Control development versioning

  • Workflows


  • Speed up partners integrations

  • Simplify partners management 

  • Secure B2B integrations

  • Transparency and visualization

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