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Identity and Access Management

Brillix’s IAM extensive knowledge and solutions portfolio, delivers organizations acomprehensive user management process for daily use.

Identity and access management - IAM

We specialized in

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Brillix is a leader in planning and deploying IAM Projects. We have performed most of the major implementations in Israel.​ As cloud migrations continue, we provide hybrid solutions and cloud apps management for AWS, Google, Azure, ServiceNow, SuccessFactor, Salesforce, etc.​ Brillix’s IAM professional team provides solution planning, implementation, and maintenance for major components.

Identity perimeter

  • SSO (Single Sign-On)

  • User application dashboard

  • MFA (Multi Factor authentication)

  • Analytics behavior

  • Passwordless authentication


  • Risk management and intelligent

  • SoD (Segregation of Duties)

  • Permissions, accounts usage

  • Annual permission review

  • Risk modeling

Identity lifecycle management

  • Provision and deprovision

  • Workflow engine

  • Role management

  • Password management

  • Self-services

Privileged account management

  • Password rotation

  • Workflows and alerts

  • Discovery 

  • Session launcher

  • Session recording

  • Predefined operational scripts

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