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Our mission is to help organizations use the right data technology and to help them manage, control and protect their data in the most efficient way.


We specialized in

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We understand data. We believe in being methodical while thinking out-of-the-box. These traits make us flexible and agile, fitting for all kinds of organizations.

Performance tuning

  • Database configuration tuning

  • Query optimization

  • Efficient and effective indexing

  • Smart data model

  • Correct database technology


  • On premise hardware

  • On premise virtualization

  • Cloud hardware

  • Cloud database services

Cloud migration

  • Zero data loss

  • Near zero downtime

  • Sizing

Capacity planning

  • Tracking data volumes

  • Finding anomalies

  • Implement retention policies

  • Scaling hardware up or out

High availability

  • Continuous replication

  • HW clustering

  • Automatic failover

  • Continuous monitoring

  • Enough redundancy


  • Authentication and authorization

  • Record/column level protection

  • Role based privileges

  • Transport and data encryption

  • OS level protection (like SELinux)

Technology comparisons

  • Open source vs commercial

  • Different RDBMS technologies

  • Different NoSQL technologies

  • SQL vs NoSQL

  • Cloud vs non-managed

Microservice design

  • Sharding data to different stores

  • Duplicating data to different technologies

  • Decoupling data segments

Disaster recovery

  • Multi-region replication

  • Network throughput and latency

  • Application awareness

Cost reduction

  • Tuning sessions

  • Sizing

  • Unused resources

  • Correct database technology

  • Migrations to and from the cloud


  • Continuous metric gathering

  • Dashboards

  • Thresholds and alerts

  • Proactive actions

Health check

  • Periodic

  • Match to baseline

  • Analyze and report

  • Proactive action

  • Reduce unplanned downtime

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